Dave Bartelli

Dave Bartelli

About Me

Short Version:

I'm an information security executive who is a true geek at heart. I love learning about new tech and leveraging to make life easier, better, and more secure at both work and home. You can learn a bit more about me and/or connect with me via my LinkedIn profile.

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Longer Backstory:

I started working in elementary school at our family-owned hotel, restaurant and car washes.

I was responsible for every job at various times, including assistant manager, waiter, desk clerk, cook, dishwasher, painter, maintenance man, caterer, and many more. From these experiences, I developed a strong work ethic and learned to enjoy the feeling that comes from working hard for something you care about and leading people to accomplish something together.

My parents were great role models, but I was also born with an inner drive that pushes me to always do more. Some of these are silly examples, but in elementary school I always had to read the most books in the reading challenges. In middle school, I had to break the records for the most push-ups and the 800 meter race. In high school, I earned the Eagle Scout award and the American Citizenship award and was in the top 10 percent of my class. In college, I studied abroad and earned a 4.0 GPA. After college, ran multiple sub 3-hour marathons and for my 40th birthday, I just had to beat my half marathon personal record that I set at 26 (and I did).

I started my technology career many years ago and quickly advanced, wearing many hats along the way in the world of networking, IT and information security. I thrive on leading positive change and technology strategy for the betterment of organizations and love the challenge of creating new things and turning around struggling departments and initiatives. My broad technical and business background allow me to hit the ground running and quickly make a significant impact. A good day for me is one in which my efforts made a meaningful difference.